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BEGI Alpha/Omega Turbo System!!

BEGI did it again! No other system rivals our all New Alpha/Omega Turbo System for an Innovative, forward thinking design, while creating a whole new level of performance and reliability!  We truly believe the new BEGI AΩ is the closest to the “be all, end all” of Miata turbos.  Hence the name.

We had many objectives to meet in the redesign of our previous turbo system – incorporate customer feedback, radical all new design, and make more power!  

More power per psi
More elegant and refined design
External Wastegate
No frame modification required
More Downpipe clearance
Easier access to turbo/manifold bolts
Easier to install intercooler tubes
4 into 1 Exhaust Manifold
Aluminum Intercooler Tubes











When it is all said and done, we met every single objective and still retained the ability to offer the easiest to install, most complete, and best designed Miata Turbo Kit ever.

When designing the kit we did the 1990-2005 kits all at the same time – not only to make a more universal part, but also to compare power outputs across all models. The results are nothing short of amazing! We started with the most basic of modifications to show what the system is capable of on the low side. Add in a Garrett Turbo and standalone ECU and the power potential is even greater!


1999-2005     192 whp / 180 ft-lbs at 6.5 psi Shanghai Turbo, ECU reflash, stock injectors 
  230 whp / 211 ft-lbs at 8.5 psi and Enthuza 2.5” Exhaust System. 100% OBD II compatible!
1994-1997 191 whp / 175 ft-lbs at 6.5 psi Shanghai Turbo, MSPNP, stock injectors, 
    and Enthuza 2.5” Exhaust System. 100% OBD II compatible!
1990-1993 Testing Now at 6 psi and 12 psi  
 MazdaSpeed Miata Coming Soon! 100% OBD II compatible!










The NEW BEGI AΩ Turbo system produces greater torque and power per increment of boost pressure than ever before. While the BEGI AΩ design is ideal for power ranges on stock motors, it is more than capable of 500 rwhp on built motors. All the while retaining excellent drivability, rock solid idle, and even better throttle response.

When creating the A/O Series turbo system we made the very conscious decision to build a fundamentally correct, the most technically advanced and un-contestably the best turbo system ever offered to the Miata enthusiast.

With this approach, the clear implication arose that this could be very costly and price the Alpha out of contention for excellent sales. We avoided that disaster by hundreds of hours of work spent calculating, designing, simplifying, redesigning and testing again.

A system such as the A/O is not generally purchased by the first time turbo buyer. First timers usually are interested in the cheapest, simplest, easiest piece available, thinking “I’ll turn up the boost” and have a fast car. While automobile performance responds very poorly to that approach, at least the initial exposure to the enormous potential of the turbo becomes obvious.

All of the safety features, the durability factors, economy, driveability and the great performance potential can be built into a turbo system. The first time buyer is seldom knowledgeable enough regarding turbocharging to realize that this approach is necessary in order to enjoy a long term durable and fast Miata.

The Alpha/Omega turbocharger system is the answer to the needs of the serious power enthusiast as well as the person needing long term durability.
While it appears to be contradictory to approach the maximums of power and durability simultaneously, a close examination of what brings about both power and safety reveals that the two objectives are accomplished by the same aspect of design. Removing as much heat as possible from the air charge entering the engine is the key feature to creating considerable power without sacrificing durability. We have done this better than anyone heretofore.

The following bullet points offer an overview of the Alpha/Omega system. For a detailed discussion please refer to Corky’s notes.

* Cast Ductile iron exhaust manifold of 4 into 1 design. This is not a log manifold.
* The A/O is the only volume produced Miata turbo system that properly integrates a remote wastegate as standard equipment
* V Clamp attachments for the turbo/wastegate/turbine outlet pipe are an option.
* The A/O offers the highest power per PSI of boost of all available Miata forced induction systems
* The A/O has the highest power potential of all systems
* A unique ideal air inlet horn to the compressor
* All aluminum air tubes to assist the intercooler
* Exceptionally high efficiency intercooler
* The position of the turbo DOES NOT require cutting away the frame ledge
* The position of the turbo offers easy access to all related fasteners
* Optimum turbocharger selections for power ranges from 180 to 500+ rwhp.
* The Alpha/Omega features virtually indestructible stainless braid oil and water lines
* Very high quality hardware throughout.
* Personal and special installation and tuning assistance if required

The New BEGI AΩ Turbo system is not our CARB legal, nor will it replace the CARB Exempt (aka CARB legal) turbo systems currently offered. We will continue to offer those systems to those who need it.

Fits all 1990-2005 Miatas (non MSM for for now). BEGI offers several different types of Engine Management. Everyone has different needs and desires without having to sacrifice power. 


Now for the nitty gritty details and system design features!

Exhaust Manifold
The path to a highly efficient turbo system must start with the exhaust manifold. The style is a four into two into one design. We’ve provided proper and equal exhaust gas access to the wastegate. A split two port exit is carefully shaped and sized to keep gas velocities gradually accelerating toward the turbine. With its superb flow, elimination of cylinder to cylinder interference, remote equal access wastegate and great strength, this manifold will eventually prove to be the best design ever for your turbo Miata.

Turbo Location
We knew we needed to place the turbo where cutting or bending the frame would not be required. And the new mounting location allows for exactly that and still clears the hood with no problems.  The higher mounting design also allows for a straight path for air to flow into the turbo compressor, for a virtually zero pumping loss.

Boost Control
The external wastegate is the best and most precise boost control available. And even better is it allows for faster boost response which in turn means more power. The correct layout is easy and found on every turbocharged racer that ever won a race.

BEGi was still able to retain the fully separated gases downpipe bases on the best possible design. The wastegate vent tube is over 30” long.  And the main tube still features the expanding flow design with less bends and twists. Making it easier to produce! And the best new design feature is the adjustability of it! The new flange allows for the downpipe to rotate up to 20*! It does not seem like a big deal , but we promise, it is! The downpipe vent tube can easily be configured to vent to atmosphere. The open wastegate tube would be equivilent to a 22% larger exhaust pipe.

The BEGI intercooler has always been the best. The most efficient, least amount of pressure loss, and rigid mounting is all retained. We also streamlined the internal air flow. It is hard to better perfection! 

Intercooler Tubes
We’ve made the metal portion of these tubes aluminum, for further heat transfer. Adjustable lengths and angles are provided for easy, quick installation.

Compressor Inlet
The new compressor inlet is straight into the turbo which is ideal for least possible pressure and/or flow loss.  The new air inlet shape is an aerodynamic trick for getting substantially more air through the same orifice. As you study the shape of the air inlet, it will begin to occur to you see this design on lots of high power engines. And by high power engines, we mean supersonic jet engines.

Bypass Valve
The bypass valve is vented back into the system at the compressor inlet. A blow off  valve or vent to atmosphere valve can still be incorporated upon request.

Every component of the AΩ is made tough. Vibrations that aggravate component strength have been either reduced or eliminated.

BEGI still pays close attention to material selection, fasteners, fit of joints, machined surfaces, artistic weld quality, buffed aluminum, stainless braid fluid lines, and on and on. Add in the quality of engineering and design and the AΩ becomes the first class system of any and all available for the Miata.

Delivery Schedules
The design simplicity of the AΩ  system has taken a big bite out of the time required to deliver a system. 

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